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About everRun

Prevent Downtime, Ensure Business Continuity and Maintain Data Integrity – Easily and Affordably

Continuous availability – now a global requirement – touches every part of our lives. And the need for continuously available applications has become more pervasive across all market sectors – from building automation, to industrial automation and public safety across communities worldwide.

But what’s driving this demand? Besides the obvious expansion of users, environments, devices and a global economy, there’s also machine-to-machine communication, “smart” devices and the internet of things where anything and everything can be connected.  As organizations struggle to increase revenue, reduce costs, comply with regulations, and plan for business continuity, the demand for reliable, continuous availability of business critical applications, becomes even more important.

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Key Features

Achieve continuous fault-tolerant availability or high availability with Availability Services

Availability Services lie at the heart of everRun. It ensures you won’t have business interruptions because your applications co-exist on two virtual machines, with no changes to your applications, data loss or machine restarts.

Protect against localized disaster with SplitSite metro-wide offsite downtime prevention

SplitSite provides application availability across geographically separated sites using synchronous replication.

Reduce your servers & operating costs while protecting your applications with Virtualization

Utilizing KVM open-source virtualization technology, everRun enables you to consolidate physical servers and reduce your operating costs while protecting your applications from downtime with virtualization.

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