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Welcome to the Cognitive Era

Business as we know it is about to change drastically.

Your servers and storage are no longer inanimate. They can understand, reason, and learn. Today, they can think.

• Are you using advances in analytics, compute, mobile, digital, social, and IoT to drive business innovation?
• Are you ready to capitalize on this next great leap in business computing?

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Cognitive Business: IBM’s Perspective

Principle One: Design for Cognitive Business


IT infrastructure for the cognitive era lets you act at the speed of thought.
Analytics Acceleration
Deliver the fastest insights with infrastructure designed for complex analytics and machine learning.
Data Centric Design
Capture the largest volume and variety of data, and efficiently locate data and applications.

Principle Two: Build with Collaborative Innovation

IT infrastructure for the cognitive era accelerates technology breakthroughs.
Innovate with Open Technologies
Embrace open architectures and ecosystems to quickly deliver new solutions to market.
Choice for Optimization
Choose what services run where with choice in platforms, runtimes, and deployment models on purposeful architectures.

Principle Three: Deliver Through Cloud Platform

IT infrastructure for the cognitive era extends the value of systems & data.
Lock Down While Opening Up
Securely connect business systems and data to cloud through enhanced security that protects sensitive assets.
Controlled Iteration at Scale
Run services at scale with microsecond response time while developing and iterating quickly.

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